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BBQ Sausage Turning Tongs

The length of the stainless steel kitchen tongs is ideal for grilling, but also for use in the kitchen (oven, stove).
Grab the grill at one end with our grill tongs, and then place it on top and let gravity do the rest!
They are made of stainless steel. This makes it robust and durable. The grill tongs are a perfect grill accessory.
The grill accessories can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning quick and easy!

Improved functionality

Impress your grill sausage tongs like one with these sausage tongs that provide handling and control, allowing you to grill and serve your sausages to perfection.

  • Become a grill professional

    Use these tongs to twist grilled sausages, which are suitable for all foods. Their professional design and features allow you to safely handle your delicious food like a pro and create delicious grilled meals that everyone will love.

  • Simplified cooking for gourmets

    The unique design of these grill turning tongs allows you to easily and efficiently turn sausages, chicken wings and skewers on the grill. The rollers on the top ensure smooth movement so you can easily turn your grilled food.

  • Stable gripping of food

    They are incredibly versatile tools that can significantly enhance your grilling experience. Not only are they perfect for flipping various items on the grill, ensuring even cooking on all sides, but they also excel in securely grasping cooked food.

  • Made of food grade stainless steel

    These tongs are made of food grade stainless steel which is durable, rust and corrosion resistant. They can withstand high temperatures without conducting heat and will last for many grilling seasons.


With the 2 wheels of the sausage tongs you can easily turn all foods in one move. Ideal for sausages, merguez, skewers and much more.

Optimal size

Make grilling easier and more enjoyable so you can focus on preparing delicious meals for your loved ones.


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What our customers say

Excellent product, very practical, a great invention for grilling! Ideal for grilling, it doesn't puncture the sausages and is super easy to turn over. Well designed utensil, ideal length 38 cm.

Richard M.

For me, these grill tongs are the ultimate for sausages. My father-in-law always got hot fingers on the charcoal grill because his grill tongs were simply too short. Now it works perfectly and fingers are protected.

Michael C.

The length is ideal: if it was shorter you would burn your paws (even) quicker, but if it was any longer it wouldn't be too good to use. Cleaning is easy: dishwasher and good. Since it has no moving parts and is 100% stainless steel, this is not a problem.

John F.

The shape means you always have a secure grip on sausages and turning them is also child's play. Another big advantage is the simple design: no corners or edges where grill residue could collect. This makes cleaning child's play, especially since you can put the tongs in the dishwasher.

Peter D.